From the moment I started playing goal and still to this day, Lynden has been a huge resource for me! Whether it was the mental or technical side of the game, he's always used his experiences to help me get to where I am today. He's practically been a big brother to me growing up so trust me when I say he knows what he's talking about! When Lynden was playing Juniors in Saskachewan, he won a championship and broke records so he knows what technical and mental attributes are necessary for a long season and successful playoff run. He will absolutely make you a better goalie! He works on each goaltenders natural strengths but combines that with athleticism, control and technique... plus, it's a blast working with him! You wont go wrong training with LSGC.

ZACH EVERETT | Benilde St. Margaret's Red Knights

Lynden has given me the ability and belief, to always work at bringing my game to another level. His knowledge, combined with his ability to teach, make training sessions focused, beneficial, and fun. He is a great guy and trainer – I would highly recommend him to anyone.

TAVIN GRANT | Prince George Cougars

Working with Lynden is great because he grows your natural skill set but at the same time insures that all aspects of technique and personal bests are met. He pushes you continually to improve in a positive environment. He's been where were all at, each level of play so he can totally relate to what were going through. He expects only the best effort from his goalies and is always there not as just a mentor, but a friend too!

PAUL TUCEK | Ridge Meadow Flames

Over the past 6 years, Lynden Sammartino has helped me on and off the ice, whether it was about hockey or about life choices. The maturity level I have gained over the years has significantly improved. If you are ready to put in 100% effort and hard work every time, then Lynden will help your goaltending game greatly. Lynden also has a great mind when it comes to off-ice training. He knows the specific workouts that benefit goaltenders greatly. I can’t imagine where my career would be if I had chosen a different goalie coach 6 years ago.

TIM & REBECCA COLVIN | Goalie Parents

I was driving home last night in a rare moment of clutter free thinking and it occurred to me how grateful both Rebecca and I are to you for the training, support and respect that you have shown to Ben and our family. You know I have been in the coaching ranks from youth to collegiate for over 30 years and have dealt with parents, unrealistic expectations and every other imaginable athlete issue. What I am keenly aware of now is what it takes to move a kid along outside of the ordinary parental management and how important it is to align our kids up with like minded people who are professional to the core, say it the way it is, not afraid to tell you when you are out of line or becoming so and really understand the steps necessary to move along.


What makes me most happy is the constant honest and consistent message that we give and you give to those in Ben's ever growing circle in the game. Truthfulness about what you are getting in the way of kid and family are essential in this and in the end the kid is the one who has to do it!


I have always looked at Ben and known there would be something that would grab him and would offer a interesting journey in excellence and thank you for what you have done for him along the way. There really is no dollar amount that can be attached to this and hopefully in the end he does you proud and you can gain the professional benefit from having been his mentor, coach and friend. He counts you very important to him (although at his age he is still trying to figure out how to communicate that!)


Everyday now I wake up excited for the next step knowing that it is entirely his, not mine/ours. The kid has lived a pretty blessed life because of how hard he works, the respect he grants to his teachers, coaches and peers and truly walking the talk of what you see is what you get. It is an honor to have you a part of our athletic family and hope he will do you proud!


Thanks for everything that has been done and will be done along this really strange journey!

PAUL & PAMELA DOLAN | Goalie Parents

I was second-guessing whether we should have brought Cale out today as he was obviously still struggling recovering from being sick but I have to say you do such an incredible job of working with him and providing detailed and helpful, personalized instruction that he enjoyed working with you today nonetheless, as he always does. We really appreciate your tireless efforts in providing care and attention every session. Thanks very much for working with Cale and for always keeping him motivated to get better and in a positive frame of mind. Thanks too Lynden for the very nice message about Cale. He loves having you as his mentor and can’t say enough good things about your coaching and more importantly your coaching style which works so well for his personality.

SARAH WIEBE | Goalie Parent

Our young son, Jake, has been working with Lynden for 2 years now. Jake is heading into first year Peewee and Lynden has done wonders for Jake. Not only has Jake improved so much since he started being a goalie but he as grown as a person. The time that Lynden spends with Jake has been invaluable. Someone recently asked us how much does it costs for Jake's goalie training? My response was, it's priceless. Lynden is as much an amazing goalie coach as he is a life coach. I hope that Lynden and Jake will be working together for a long time! Thank you Lynden for everything you have done and continue to do for Jake.

ROB FRIESEN | Grandview Steelers

Lynden was definitely a huge factor in my improvements throughout my Career, he brought a great amount of experience to the table and working along side him for 1 on 1 and group training from Peewee on helped fine tune my game from being an average minor hockey goalie to playing and competing at a junior level. He really has a great hockey mind and his intensity and knowledge can certainly help goalies of all ages and levels bring their game to where they want to be.

SHELLEY & TODD HEBERT  | Goalie Parents


Lynden has been an amazing mentor/trainer to our son Jake over the past few years. Jake is very tall for his age – with that there are many challenges to overcome. Lynden told Jake that with hard work and time to grow into his body he would gain the foot speed/skill that he required to take his game to the next level. He taught him not to give up and to push forward and that things would change for him – in time. He was honest and realistic. Lynden developed an off ice ‘goalie specific’ training schedule tailored to our son’s requirements. Jake follows his off- ice regime 3-4 times a week and is on the ice 3-4 times a week. All of Lynden’s great training and respectful support is starting to pay off for Jake. This Spring he made the Nanaimo Clippers U16 Spring Team, has been invited to the Clippers Main Summer ID Camp and has an invite to a WHL Main Camp this August. Lynden was instrumental in assisting Jake to reach his next level, we are very excited to see where Jake’s hockey journey will take him in the years to come with Lynden there every step of the way! We ALL appreciate you very much Lynden and can’t thank you enough!



I’ve been working with Lynden for about a year, the first time a stepped on the ice with him I felt like I could trust what he was said was right and he could get to the highest level I can. I love Lynden, I respect Lynden, he does more than I expect for a goalie coach. I would recommend Lynden to any goalie at any age because there’s no better feeling than working hard and pursuing your dream. Yeah playing goalie is hard but at the end of the day it’s all about having fun


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